Meraki Interior Designs is a contract furniture dealer that employees talented designers from all over the world.  Their diverse expertise lends itself to being able to adapt to any type of company and create a unique design for every space.


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Phase 1 First Consultation

  • Meet the design team

  • Discuss your company’s process and brandWe want to understand how your company functions as well as what values you would like reflected in the design of your space.

  • ​Establish a timeline. Our goal is to solidify a schedule to execute your project as efficiently as possible.

  • Discuss the project’s budget

  • Complete a rough sketch of your furniture layout

  • Please have a CAD Space plan of your space before meeting with the team.  If you don’t have access to your please let us know so we can have a designer visit your property and measure out the space

Phase 2 Spaceplan

  • We will present to you a 3D model of your space and take you room by room for you to make any edits that you see fit.

  • Present a moodboard of your colors and textures. We will work with you to finalize the finishes, textures, fabrics, etc.

  • Present you with 3 prices. Dependent on material, project deadline, and warranty. 10% down payment based on the desired price plan

Phase 3 Design Walkthrough

  • Present a completed video with hyper-realistic 3D rendering of your space.

  • Schedule the day and time of installation.

  • 100% of the material cost is due at the end of this meeting

  • Installation cost will be paid after the job is completed

Phase 4 Final Meeting

  • Our team will install every item on your invoice in the exact layout as decided on in the layout.

  • If we don’t meet the promised install date we will refund you 15% of the material cost (or deduct from the install cost)

Phase 5 Extras

  • Video. At the completion of the project, we will send you a video documenting the project including the 3D designs and renders

  • Decor Specialist. You will have access to our decor specialist who can provide you with any ancillary items (if they were not originally included). Including but not limited to artwork, greenery and decorative artifacts