Meraki Interior Designs is a contract furniture dealer that employees talented designers from all over the world.  Their diverse expertise lends itself to being able to adapt to any type of company and create a unique design for every space.


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At Meraki Interior Designs we pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve.  We believe if you aren’t constantly looking for ways to evolve then it’s only a matter of time before you are left behind no matter how successful you are now.  Along these lines, we believe that real estate marketing, particularly commercial, is becoming stale. With clients being able to pull up thousands of properties by simply checking their phone, simple pictures and statistics about the building just doesn’t cut it anymore.


We want to give them an immersive experience while also providing information towards the building.  By keeping our videos at a relatively short length, we are able to present the building through visuals while keeping the buyer engaged long enough to absorb the buildings information.


Our videos create a more immersive experience than simply looking at a picture would which creates a connection between the customer and the property, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will inquire about your property.


As stated above, we are always working to improve our video quality.  Our goal is to make sure every new video is more effective than the last. In order to make sure this happens we are always researching ways to improve whether it’s finding what length of video is most effective or what lens makes a certain building look more impressive.


Currently we offer drone footage as well as 3D rendering of the space to help the videos stay as ahead of the curve as possible.  We find that selling a product is much easier if the customer can see what they can do with it first and the best way to make that happen in real estate is to furnish the building in 3D designs.  This way you’re able to show a client exactly what the space is capable of while perhaps also showing different styles without having to pay to have an entire office staged.